4mm/00 gauge

Arunvale is a BR (Southern) fictitious layout somewhere up the Arun Valley using Arundel as the motivation for the layout. Stock used is BR early and late crest steam with appropriate coaches (Maunsell, Bullied, BR MK 1) and a selection of Southern region EMU’s. Although a third rail layout, stock used tends to be more steam than EMU’s. Where we cannot tell the difference between a GWR ‘Grange’ or ‘Manor’ or other Swindon built loco’s, we are aware that to some people green EMU’s all look the same hence more steam than electric.

The LSWR, LBSCR and SECR formed the Southern and even when BR took over, the distinction between the three still continued to some degree with the south western, central and south eastern divisions. With the distance between rival divisions so small, this is our excuse to run all southern together.

Scenery and buildings on the layout are freelance but using various structures around the Arun Valley area as inspiration. The engine shed or ‘tank shed’ is more suited to the LSWR or western region although a single road brick built example did exist at Midhurst and a two road shed was at Littlehampton.

The scratch built goods shed is an amalgam of southern built structures with the existing one at Angmering providing the basic idea. The Bachmann ‘Art Deco’ signal box is a close example of the one at Arundel although the number of windows is different on the original.

The Arunvale station building itself is modelled on the real building at Arundel although the entrance is slightly different (with a little bit of modellers licence). The castle is based on a clip art picture of Arundel borrowed from Google. Scenics continue to be added and updated as new products come on the market and modelling skills of the layout builders improve.

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