East Heath

East Heath is a OO gauge “tail chaser” layout made up of twelve 4ft by 2ft boards giving an overall size of 20ft by 8ft. Each board has built in legs. Track is code 100.

This Network South East layout’s name is derived from East Croydon and Haywards Heath.

It is essentially a double track layout with passing loops at the back of each platform and a twelve road fiddle yard. The station platforms are offset and are capable of holding eight carriages.

Particular features include a scale model of Shoreham Airport Building, a two road maintenance shed of typical design of the region to the right of the station plus an additional stabling road. To the left of the station will be two roads for stabling based around those to the North of Preston Park station. The tunnels at the exit and entrance to the fiddle yard are a take on Clayton Tunnel. The station entrance building is based on Rainham (Kent) station and the platform canopies are based on locations within the old Network South East area.

The layout is analogue based with cab control. Peco point motors with relay type auxiliary switches are used throughout. Points are of the insulfrog type. A 12 volt auxiliary supply is provided to each board for uses such as platform lighting, street lighting etc. The maintenance shed, platform lighting and other illuminations are by led.

Operational signals are placed on the approach to and exit from the station in both directions. These are linked to the auxiliary switches and manually switched; they are set by the operator and will only indicate for the direction for which the points are set. When set for the loop behind the platforms feathers will be displayed. When a signal is at red a length of track prior to signal is isolated to prevent a signal passed at danger (SPAD).

Operational shunt signals are provided for both entry and exit to the stabling roads at either end of the platforms; the road is dependent on the point settings and will be indicated on the ground signal for entering the stabling road. They are set by the operator using the red covered toggle switches.

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