Halden Lane

OO Fine scale

The WMRC members received this layout from an ex Club member during July 2006 in the form of two small scenic boards and a small fiddle yard area. Over the course of time the layout has been lengthened to the size as you see it today. Since acquiring the layout we have carried out extensive improvements and upgrades which the operators are always happy to discuss.

Halden Lane is set on a light railway somewhere in the heart of the South of England countryside at some time in the mid 1950’s to 1960’s. There is no particular regional theme to the motive power but expect to see a number of regional, and some BR standard, busy black early emblem tank and tender engines, with branch-line style rolling stock to match. The layout can provide for a variety of passenger and goods traffic with many varied – some conventional and some not-so-conventional shunting movements. The layout atmosphere and buildings suggests the former influence of Colonel H. Stephens who is never very far away.

In order to increase the versatility of the layout we have diesel operating days so that we can have further enjoyment, lightly stepping into the BR Blue and Blue/Grey era, as well as steam days.

The layout, at full size, is 12ft x 1ft 6ins, but can be shortened to 9ft x 1ft 6ins, if space is at a premium.

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