Annual Exhibition

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who attended our 2018 exhibition and we look forward to welcoming you to our next show in 2019. As exhibitors and traders make their availability known to us, we will update this page to whet your appetite and encourage you to attend.

The venue for 2019 will be Durrington High School, The Boulevard, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 1LA. The dates are Saturday 28th September and Sunday 29th September.

The 2019 exhibition programme will be available closer to the date.

Admission fees

Adults: £5.00, accompanied children enter for free

Club Layouts

This year’s show will include a number of our own club layouts which are listed below:

Loftus Road
Worthing MRC

Loftus Road is based on suburban West London, inspired by Kensington Olympia, set in the time period 1995-present. Being on the West London Line, the layout sees a wide range of passing trains, from local & Cross-Country passenger traffic through to London Underground District Line services and Channel Tunnel freight.

The layout is DCC controlled and features scratchbuilt automated signalling. Several rolling stock features are also scratchbuilt including the Class 377 ‘Electrostar’ EMUs. Loftus Road was recently extended, with new scenic areas including a busy London High Street, a scratchbuilt petrol station, a model of ‘Earls Court’ and a depiction of a London Crossrail excavation.

Worthing MRC

Luttrell is loosely based on the West Somerset Heritage Railway terminus at Minehead and is so-called because Colonel Luttrell was the landowner who provided the land for what was planned to be a major extension of the terminus by GWR which they eventually had second thoughts on and scaled the plans back to what is in place today. Whilst the layout maintains the key elements of Minehead Station such as the turntable, wide platform and associated buildings, some changes have been made due to layout size restrictions and a wish to provide more interest in the layout as a whole. Being a heritage railway it allows for numerous visits from engines and rolling stock from other areas of the country.

It is also the club’s first layout which uses the MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group) system for layout control. The Group's aim is to actively promote and advance the use of electronic and computer technology for model railway operation, which is ideally suited to take advantage of these technologies, and the application of electronics and computers can be used to good effect to add enhanced features and realism to a model railway operation.

Worthing MRC

Kenham is an exercise is what can be achieved in a small space.It represents nowhere in particular but perhaps leans towards the Southern Region of British Railways.

Built in 00 Gauge, Kenham proves that you do not need lots of room to produce an enjoyable model railway. It encompasses a station, goods facilities and an engine shed, with plenty of storage for trains.

Having been built and used for many years, it has been extensively overhauled during the last couple of years and is regularly used in our club room.

Worthing MRC

Something for the younger visitors. Beckett is our layout that we hope will spark an interest in model railways for the next generation of modellers and club members.

Featuring well know caricatures from Sodor and other locomotives, our younger visitors can learn to operate a layout and be the Flat controller for a while.

Box Junc
John Holmes

Awaiting description...

Visiting Layouts

We will also be welcoming lots of visiting layouts some of which are listed below:

Burshaw North Western
Dave Forshaw

Burshaw North Western is a fictitious station location on the West Coast main line (WCML), in North West England, set in the early 1970's as electrification to Glasgow is in the final stages. BR corporate blue grey is almost universal, but TOPS has not yet arrived.

‘That Dam Railway’
Chelmsford Model Railway Club

The layout in 009 scale (00 scale narrow gauge) depicts the building of a dam in Wales and includes the massive dam wall which is in the near completed state with cranes on the top and an authentic temporary tunnel through to the far side. The stone quarry and dressing shed are the source of materials and the line zig-zags up the confines of the valley side to gain access to the plant for mixing cement and stone crushing. The workers accommodation, school and chapel together with their water supply are modelled and inspiration came from dam building in the Elan Valley and at Grwyne Fawr near Abergavenny. This layout has won prizes including ‘Best Narrow Gauge’ at the Warley National show, was invited to major exhibitions in Holland and Germany.

Dock Green
Chaz Harrison

This 0 Gauge layout depicts a small ex-GNR goods yard, somewhere in North London, on the Eastern Region and set in the late nineteen fifties/early sixties. The yard is hemmed in by retaining walls except on the public, viewing side and is crossed by bridges which split the layout into a number of smaller scenes. Soot, rust and general decline and neglect pervade the area. Trains run “off stage” onto the cassette board, which is screened from view.

Motive power is a mix of steam and diesel locos, with a variety of typical goods stock. All the locos have DCC sound fitted and are weathered. All the rolling stock is fitted with Dingham automatic couplings.

South Hamps Model Railway Society

Modelled in 4mm P4 finescale, Lee-on-the-Solent was a bold town planning attempt of the late 1800s. The promoters hoped here was a watering place with everything going for it: a splendid beach, a pleasant climate, superb views across to the Isle of Wight and sheltered areas for boating. The line was opened in 1894. It left the LSWR Fareham to Gosport line at Fort Brockhurst.

The line lasted until 1935 when it was closed by the then owner Southern Railway and the line was lifted in 1939. The layout represents a time around the 1923 grouping, allowing both LSWR and SR stock to be run.

West Sussex O Gauge Group

The layout consists of three circuits. Two are Fine Standard and the other Scale 7. Each circuit contains a passing loop enabling continuous running while another train is being set up.

The stock consists of members own locomotives, coaches and truck thus anything can be seen running at any time.

St Million
Steve Rogers

The real St. Million is a small village situated in East Cornwall, a little to the west of the River Tamar. It was never in reality served by the railway. This layout was originally constructed by former Southwark MRC member Patrick Herlihy as a representation of a former GWR branch line terminus, featuring a variety og goods facilities and a small locomotive shed. As some lines of the Southern Railway (ex LSWR) are also in the close proximity to St Million, you may also see a fair amount of Southern stock running on the layout.

The layout has been extensively modified with the addition of a new station and an extension featuring a small harbour quayside for coastal shipping and the inclusion of some traditional seaside buildings. These are based on real life building in and around St. Million.With the all new wiring of the layout has come lights within the buildings.

Ponts Mill
Andrew Knight

Ahern County is in a hard to find part of the US State of Vermont (top right hand corner). The depot of Hickling is on a truncated branch, seeing commuter traffic RDC hauled.

Hickling used to be a junction, but the train no longer passes through Hickling the new pre-fabricated building crossing the old route. The other side of this junction, now only serves the plant of Pont’s Mill (Ahern County’s Own.) Cars are switched into selected positions, determined randomly. The operator has to find the needed cars in the trains in the fiddle yard. A chat to the person at the throttle will reveal all. Do feel free to ask about the layout: how the buildings all came from Google, the supposed working of that odd bridge, or any
other aspect.

Chris Peters

To the best of my knowledge there is a Titling in southern Germany, but this bears no resemblance to the town what so ever! The layout started life as a collection of boards that were intended for another project. Hence the shape.

It dose however give the layout a slightly different look to the standard straight line fronted models! Its mainly a diesel line, so V200’s, V100’s are the norm. Also on the roster are V80, VT12, 218 and the odd steamer. All with sound.

Coaching stock varies from the 3YG and 4YG types to eurofima and Silverfish. Freight is a varied mix. 

Control is by Lenz DCC. The points and signals are controlled by a mimic board, with slow action motors on the scenic section and solenoid on the fiddle yard.

All the buildings are from the Faller range, with the exception of the goods shed which is a Laser cut wood kit. D+M I think!

Normandy Junc Shed & Works
The Guildford 0 Gauge Group

Normandy Junc Shed & Works is loosely based on southern structures including the water tower and cranes. Southern and Western locos normally prevail but any members’ locos can be seen running from all regions from the 1940’s to the late 1960’s.

This is a large O gauge layout including part of an engine shed and nearby works. It was decided some 2years ago that there may be some mileage in developing the engine shed as a stand-alone and extending it by adding an entrance to a railway works by way of a traverser fed by a through line via the engine shed. This all gives more scope for loco movements in and out of the mainline via the turntable and in and out of the works. This is all made possible by having a hidden fiddle cassette area to distribute locos in either direction. This whole concept allows ex works condition locos to rub shoulders with the downright filthy.


Below are some of the traders attending this year’s show.


Morris Models

Kim's Books



The South Hants area group from Model Electronic Railway Group will be attending this years show with more demonstration layouts and will also be running some soldering lessons. 

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Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the show. We look forward to seeing you in September!

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